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Introducing the Redi Wall™ - Instantly Waterproof your Shower Wall!

Introducing the Redi Wall™ - Instantly Waterproof your Shower Wall!

Are you looking to waterproof the walls of your shower, but are intimidated by the potential time and cost? Look no further than the Redi Wall™, a lightweight easy-to-install panel that can waterproof the walls of your shower in as little as 30 minutes!

What is the Redi Wall™ Made of?


The Redi Wall™ is made from the same waterproof material as our popular Tile Redi™ Shower Pans. This means that they are completely waterproof and built to last. The high-quality material is designed to withstand the wear and tear of daily use, while also being resistant to all types of water damage.

Is the Ready Wall™ Easy to Install?

Unlike traditional tile or other wall-covering options, the Redi Wall™ can be installed quickly and easily by one person. The intuitive panels be installed in any direction using either face. All you need is a few basic tools and a little bit of DIY knowledge, and you’ll be able to transform your shower without having to hire a professional.

Another great feature is the lightweight design. Each panel weighs under 15 pounds and is 3’ x 5’ x ½” in size, so it is easy to manage and maneuver during installation. This is especially helpful if you are working in a tight space, or if you are installing the Redi Wall on your own.­­

The Redi Wall™ is the perfect solution for anyone looking to easily upgrade their shower with high-quality, leakproof materials.

The ease of installation combined with our leakproof guarantee and dedicated customer support make the Redi Wall an excellent choice for any DIYer looking to elevate their shower experience.

Check out the Redi Wall™, as well as our Shower Pan Options

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