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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose Tile Redi®?

Tile Ready® brand shower pans provide the best water intrusion solution on the market. Nowhere else will you find a shower pan that is one piece, pre-pitched, with integrated curb(s) or entrance, splash walls, and PVC drain. The surface of our shower bases is ready to tile: you can set tile directly on the surface of the shower pan once it is installed. In addition to our state-of-the-industry construction, the ease of installation makes them ideal for any user from do-it-yourselfers to building professionals.

What are the different types of shower pans you offer, and how are they used?

Redi Base® single curb shower pans are the most common model. They are used where the shower is being installed in an alcove with framed walls on three of the four sides, the fourth side being the entrance to the shower.

Redi Base double curb shower bases are used where two walls of the shower will not be traditionally framed, but rather exposed to the room itself; for example, a corner shower with two tiled walls and two glass walls.

Redi Base triple curb shower bases are used in more open peninsular shower designs that feature a back framed wall, two glass or partial walls, and an entrance opposite the framed wall.

Redi Free® barrier free shower bases, including ADA shower base models, are used where accessibility into the shower is desired or needed. Redi Free shower pans have no curb at the entrance, allowing for walk in or roll-in access.

Bathtub Replacement shower pans are those models specifically designed to fit the footprint of the bathtub you remove when you are remodeling your bathroom.

We now offer designer products as well:

Redi Trench® shower pans feature an integrated linear trench rather than a traditional drain for a design shower look; Redi Trench is available in single curb, multi curb, Bathtub Replacement, barrier free, and ADA models.

WonderFall Trench® shower pans feature a tiled slot drain and an Infinity Shower Floor and are available in single curb, multi curb, and Bathtub Replacement models.

Wonder Drain® shower bases have a square tileable drain top that makes the drain invisible; all you see is your beautiful tile floor! We offer Wonder Drain models in single curb, multi curb, and Bathtub Replacement models.

Redi Neo® shower bases are a perfect corner shower with a contemporary look, and we offer the industry's largest variety of neo angle styles including Redi Trench, WonderFall Trench, Wonder Drain, and Redi Base models.

Please feel free to call our sales staff to discuss your particular situation, as we can assist you in choosing the appropriate model to fit your functional and aesthetic needs. Regardless of which model you choose, be confident that you will have a state-of-the-industry shower solution: a one piece shower base with integrated curb(s) or entrance, drain and splash walls, a pre-pitched floor, and ready to tile surface, that is leak proof.

Can I, as a "do-it-yourselfer" really install a Tile Ready® tileable shower product

Most persons with basic home improvement skills will be able to tackle the installation of our shower bases, benches, niches and ledges.The one piece design and tileable surface make installation quick and easy. Tile Redi provides 3 valuable tools to make your installation easy and worry free:

  1. Easy-to-follow written installation instructions are included with every purchase and are available for download on our website before your purchase or at any time;
  2. A brief installation video is also available on our website so you can watch each step of the installation process to see how it's done; and
  3. Our customer service representatives are available to answer questions at any time before or during the installation process if you require assistance.

That's Tile Redi peace of mind!

What is the weight limit for Redi Bench®?

With normal use, there is no weight limit for Redi Bench® shower seats. Unlike other prefabricated shower seating products, Tile Redi shower benches are framed and therefore have no practical weight limitations with typical shower use.

How do the Redi Bench® and Redi Base® work together?

Redi Bench® shower seats are designed to fit all models of Tile Ready brand shower pans. The Redi Bench doesn't install on the interior of the Tile Ready shower base, but rather becomes an extension coming off the splash wall of the shower pan, over the bench framing (which is 12" wide) and terminating at the wall framing. For example, if your framed in area measures 60" wide, you would need to purchase a 48" wide shower base and then add the 12" wide Redi Bench to complete your 60" framed area.

Our customer service representatives will be happy to assist you in picking out the right combination of shower base and shower bench for your particular shower design.

Do professional builders and contractors use Tile Ready brand shower pans and tileable shower products?

Yes! Tile Redi is the industry leader in the manufacture of tileable shower products and therefore is the preferred solution for building professionals and contractors. Our ready to tile shower bases, benches, niches, and ledges are used by home builders, contractors, architects and interior designers, real estate developers, renovators, hospitality professionals, and tile and plumbing contractors. Why? Because they are quick and easy to install, leak proof, and the tileable surface allows for infinite design choices.

The same Tile Redi products sold to building professionals and contractors are those we sell to do-it-yourselfers. With our shower pans and tileable shower products, all customers receive consistent and high quality installation regardless of the installer's skill level.

Where are Tile Ready brand shower pans and shower bases used?

The answer is where aren't they being used?! Tile Ready brand shower pans and tileable shower products are used in new home construction, existing home renovations, and in both new construction and renovations for large apartment complexes, high rise condos, condo conversions, hotel and casino projects, student dormitories, senior living facilities, nursing homes, hospitals, etc.

Whether it is for bathrooms, showers, and/or barrier free or ADA showers in a new project or a renovation of an existing home or facility, Tile Redi one piece shower bases, benches, niches and ledges offer quick and easy installation and a leakproof shower solution. In addition, because our products are ready to tile, the finished shower and bathroom can have an upscale tile, stone, or marble design.