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Business Testimonials

Hello Stephanie

Thank you very much for superior customer service.


Rodney L Delp, Chief Emergency Management
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

Thank you so much, Mario.

I can't tell you how much we appreciate your prompt and helpful responses to our inquiries! You're a gem!

Beverly Shivas
American Standard Brands

Good Afternoon,

I just wanted to say that I know you guys are busy over there but the help I have been receiving from Kandice and Mario has been really fantastic. A lot of the issues are time sensitive and they resolve them extremely quickly.

Thank you!

Karina Krasnaya
Mega Supply Store

Michael, Thank you, that is great customer service!

Chris Fergen

Thank you VERY much!! I seriously appreciate the speed at which Tile Redi has dealt with this problem. You be assured that I will be using your products whenever I can in the future!!

Damian Fiorillo
Pima Bear Construction

I just wanted to let you know that the flashing and the corner step arrived today. Thank you very much for your help with everything, the Service was Excellent. I will promote your products with no hesitation.

Brent Perry
Alf Curtis Home Improvspanents Inc.

Thanks so much Marcelo. Service has been great dealing with you. Please pass this email on to your supervisor, you are a very conscientious company rep. Looking forward to dealing with you and tile ready again!

Stephanie Sartor
Carefree Bathing (Canada) Inc.

I just wanted to drop you a note to let you know the Tile Redi shower bases have exceeded our expectations in every aspect of our projects. Our company constructs a lot of Hospitality projects where we provide Tile Redi products in our scope of work. My confidence in them is such that I frequently recommend them to my clients, not something I would do if I didn't have absolute confidence in the product.

Using your Tile Redi shower products makes every shower installation cost effective, easy to install, leak­ proof and we eliminate a trade (hot mop). Additionally, our tile subcontractors love the fact that all of the pan cuts are identical speeding up their installation and providing a more uniform appearance.

I would like to thank the Tile Redi organization for finally providing the construction industry a great product and look forward to working with you again.

Philip Crane
Crane Development Corporation

It was a pleasure speaking to you today. We had great success together on the Lowes Hotel is South Beach using your pans. We are currently next door to the Lowes hotel renovating the James Royal Palm as well as the Hotel Zamora in St. Pete Beach.

We have completed over 16,000 rooms in 4 and 5 star resorts in Florida over the past 6 years. Please look at our website for more information. We look forward to using your product again which expedites not only the schedule but eliminates leaks in a conventional rubber pan should it get punctured or cut which is always a problem.

Don Tatro
Tatro Construction Co.

Wanted to drop you a line thanking you for all your hard work in getting your product costs into our budget so that we could use the Tile Redi system in the Embassy Suites Hotel here in Houston. Your product delivers exactly as promised. The ease of installing the pan along with the integral slope has shortened the schedule dramatically.

I have already recommended the Tile Redi product to my peers doing Hotel and Multi Family projects. Please feel free to use me as a reference whenever you need to. I look forward to working with you and Tile Redi again, if the opportunity presents.

John Lavino
Project Manager
Linbeck Group, LLC

We have successfully used the Tile Redi shower pan product on several large hotel projects. The product is easy to install, thus reducing installation time and labor cost. We have been very pleased.

Brent Lynch
Principal/Executive VP
HFS Concepts 4

I was working as the Design Manager for the Aliante Casino in North Las Vegas, Nevada when we came across an opportunity to use a new and innovative product for a pre-formed shower pan system. We decided to use the “Tile redi” pre-formed pan system. One of the main reasons why we went with this system was due to the ease of install and how they used “Laticrete” as the tile setting method over there pre-formed pan. Being a big user of the “Laticrete” product this was a big plus. I would definitely use this product again for any tower project that I am involved in and I highly recommend this product for anyone that wants to save time and money.

Michael Zafarano III
Sr. Project Manager
Fontainebleau, Las Vegas

Tile Redi exceeded our expectations in all aspects. The shower pans are quality products, simply to install, saves money, and have proven to be ideal for tiling showers. Ragnar Hernandez and Howard Bernstein provided us with prompt service. They are both knowledgeable in their products, experienced in their shower pans that can be directly tiled and have been very helpful in selecting the product sizes we needed. We highly recommend Tile Redi and will be buying from them again for future projects.

Yi Kuang
Jings Mechanical
Jings Mechanical, Inc.

Marmara Corporation would like to extend our gratitude to the entire Tile-Redi team for assisting us on the Dumont Condominium project.

Marmara Corporation used your Tile-REdi shower pans in 172 high-end condo residences. Your product is easy to install and your sales team was courteous ans professional.

Marmara Corporation highly recommends your products and we hope to use them again on future projects. Thanks again.

Nalan Mutlu
Marmara Corporatio

Southland recently conducted a field-test of the proposed "Tile Redi" shower pan configuration. The purpose of the test was to verify that the product's drain assembly would not leak under pressure.

The test setup consisted of said drain assembly, including a section of the pan itself, together with a section of PVC pipe sealed to the top of the pan, surrounding the drain. A "tail piece" of copper pipe extended out of the bottom of the drain and was capped off. The PVC pipe was then filled with water to simulate a head pressure of 2 vertical feet of water column on the drain. See attached photos for additional details.

The test setup was maintained for one hour and at no point was any leakage detected. Based on this outcome, Southland is pleased to approve this shower pan configuration for use in your construction project.

Aaron Tippetts
Southland Industries

Issa Homes Inc. has been using Tile redi's one piece leak proof shower pans on all of its second floor showers recently. In the past we had been using two different types of shower pans. One being an acrylic shower pan which did not allow for tile to be installed on the floors and our customers objectied to this. The other was to use a vinyl liner but we had too many warranty claims for leaks. Using the Tile Redi shower pans have eliminated both of these problems and are very affordable. Their list of standard sizes has always accommodated our needs. We look forward to continuing business with Tile Redi.

Jeffrey Marchell
Issa Homes

I would like to convey my support and appreciation for the huge time savings, money savings, and removal of water intrusion associated with using the Tile Redi Shower pan. I am in full support of Tile Redi products for all upcoming projects which will require a tiled shower area. The amount of time required to mud a shower and the headaches associated with the repairs and mistakes makes Tile Redi a perfect addition to any of Turner Logistics' projects.

In addition, with your lifetime warranty, Tile Redi helps eliminate the guess work on who actually is responsible for the ensuing leakage of the conventional shower pan assembly.

Thank you for your great product and great service.

John Frieders
Turner Logistics

The Tile Redi shower pans we have used for our Fairbanks at CityFront Plaza project in Chicago is working out great because we can provide the look of a medset shower base without the expense, installtion complexity and leakage problems. In previous projects it has always been labor intensive to construct a mudset base for our condominium units and we experienced some leakage problems after the Buyer move in resulting in costly repairs. The Tile Redi pans save us on installation time, saving us hundreds of dollars and insure a more leak-proof shower base.

The plumbers like the simplicity of installation and the stone installers have an easier time of installing stone or ceramic tile over a consistent base.

Paul Ozaki
Centrum Properties

At Westgate Resorts we pride ourselves on delivering the highest quality resort vacation units in the industry. One of our primary development objectives is to build a quality product that minimizes owner's maintenance and operating costs.

The Tile Redi waterproofing system for the bathroom shower area has been a great addition to our product design. We were very pleased to find how quickly installtion could take place, saving us construction time and costs, not to mention peace of mind against leakage and impacts to our resort customer service. We are very satisfied with Tile Redi's products and would recommend them to anyone with a shower renovation or new construction.

Mark Waltrip
Westgate Resorts

Customer Testimonials

Thank you Stephanie, I really appreciate your help on this.

Customer services has been phenomenal.

Mike S.

Thank you so much Stephanie.

I am very impressed with just how quickly TileRedi has addressed my needs (original order and replacement). I will recommend your services to all friends and family.

Dona P.

Good afternoon,

This morning I received a delivery of a damaged TileRedi shower pan and to my surprise, neither the distributor ( or the shipping company (Estes) cared to about me or my order. Both companies failed to provide me with my order undamaged and both did nothing to fix the problem they caused. Fortunately, TileRedi cared, and when I spoke with Doug this morning I spoke with someone genuine and someone who represented TileRedi extremely well. Both Doug and TileRedi went beyond their responsibility to me and fixed the problem. I am amazed at the level of customer service, and professionalism I received this morning from Doug. Doug and TileRedi took the responsibility of a problem they did not cause and insured that I would receive my order in one piece and I am extremely happy I bought a TileRedi pan. I will take every opportunity I can to let everyone I know about what TileRedi has done to help me and to provide me with the best customer service I have ever had.

Thank you so much for your help and for being a company who cares.

James C.

I was a little apprehensive about embedding pan in mortar so called tech and spoke to Sam. The installation went very smoothly. Used 2 60lb. bags of mix and leveling the unit was easy. Once dried it feels solid as a rock to stand on. The first pan shipped to me was damaged by shipper and you guys sent another promptly. Arrived in 4 days as promised in perfect condition. Great customer service and great product so glad I picked tileredi, I'm confident my shower will not leak for a lifetime! Thank you to all of you at tileredi.

John Henry L.


We received the screws and are extremely pleased with your response and great service.


Mike and Kate J.


We sure do appreciate your excellent customer service. Normally when something gets damaged in shipment, it is a game of finger pointing and long delays to get resolved. This happened quickly and efficiently, and we appreciate your help.

Jon and Susie

To Whom It May Concern,

We contacted Menard's a few weeks ago to say that some parts were missing from the shower pan that we had purchased. We were very impressed with the service as we received the missing parts from you the following day and were able to complete our project in a timely manner.

A couple of weeks later we located the missing parts which had been moved by our plumber. We are returning the parts.

Thank you so much for your wonderful service!

Mace and Ellen C.


Wow at this time on Friday night. I'm really impressed!!! You are really great. It's a true pleasure to work with you and Tile Redi!

Thank you,

David B.


Thank you. You guys are great to work with and I'm looking forward to installing this shower unit!!

Ken K.


Outstanding service!!! I am impressed!

Thank you!

Al S.


I wanted to thank you for the excellent customer service you provided when I was purchasing my 4'x4' fully integrated wonderfall shower pan earlier this year. The first pan arrived damaged and you sent another one out immediately, no questions asked, you wanted it to be perfect and it is ... turnaround was less than one week. We did a major renovation at our house and it's been done for a few months now and we just love everything including the new shower pan ... it looks and works great.

Thanks again!

Joe D.


Just wanted to thank you for your prompt response last week to my request. When my 37x72 Tile Redi base arrived cracked, I sent photos and after review, you promptly sent out a new one. It arrived the next day by another carrier which allowed me to open it in the truck (since it was so large) and check it before accepting it. Everything was fine, and it was able to be installed without too much delay.

I just wanted to let you know, I appreciated your timeliness and professional customer service. I also was pleased when I placed the order and they gave me the best price and shipped everything right away. It is nice to see companies that pride themselves in great customer service.

Thank you again,

Susan R.

Thanks Michael.

It was a pleasure to speak with you today. I really appreciate you getting this shipped today. Thank you for your efforts!

I am glad I chose your product for my project. I am impressed with the overall level of service I have received and will recommend Tile Redi to anyone.

Best regards,

Joel M.

Kandice, Love the quick customer service :)

Kristy W.

Marcelo, Thanks for your wonderful service!

Pat R.

I just wanted to send a message to the Company regarding my experience installing a tile redo shower pan. I'm a home owner, diy'er. Our plumber never saw the product before so I showed him the installation video. He was blown away. He set the pan in 45 minutes and it came out perfect. I tiled the floor with pebble stones and tiled the unit with some assistance. It was tricky setting the stone and tile due to the limited supply of thin set, but since I was aware of that issue via Internet feedback from customers, I got through it just fine. My wife and I are so pleased with your product that we will be purchasing two more next year for our other bathrooms. Thanks for a great product and for the quick delivery across the country. Your customer service is very good too!

Bob O.

Thanks for your speedy response and the Great Customer Service.

Kathy G.

Doug: Thank you for your great customer service! It is appreciated.

Clifford P.

Thanks Doug, always nice to work with someone who gets things done without hassle or delay -- that's real customer service!!

Brock F.

I had an ongoing problem getting a decent shower pan to Virginia. The first pan came defective as confirmed by the Tech, Sam. I talked to Kandice and she got right on it and sent me a replacement. The second pan came damaged. I called Kandice again.

Kandice has basically spent her whole 3 weeks dealing with me and getting my issue fixed. I have never dealt with any customer service any nicer than Kandice. She was there and took care of my issue so professionally and promptly. She went above and beyond to take care of my problem. If every company has Kandice as their employee they would all be WINNERS!! I just wanted her boss to know that I would recommend your product to everyone because of my experience with Kandice.

Bill G.

You and Tile Redi have been Excellent to work with. Thank you for the notification of shipment.

Kay J.

I received from TileRedi a shower pan that was very badly damaged. Based on pictures I sent to Kandice she was able to have a replacement pan shipped to me in time to save the schedule for the tile people.

We were impressed with Kandice's customer service, and efficiency. She was pleasant and helpful during the entire process.

A BIG Thanks goes to her for her service.

DeDe S.

Unbelievable! I called you yesterday before noon EST about the damaged shower pan, and less than 24 hours I received the replacement. That is Absolutely Great Customer Service. Kudos to you and your company. I would definitely deal with you again. The only complaint I have is with the trucking company. When the replacement arrived on the pallet, the driver stood it up on end and dropped it on the ground to unload it. He can be very thankful that I was not present for the delivery. It's no wonder the first one was damaged. Very rude and unprofessional trucking experience, but a very professional experience dealing with you and your company.

Bob L.

Thank you very much for your help. It was a pleasure dealing with you.

John C.

You guys have been a pleasure to deal with.

Stephen M.

Many thanks for your quick attention to our problem. I appreciate the quick work in getting the needed epoxy on its way to us.

Leslie B.

Received the drain cover yesterday and opened today. It's beautiful and fits so much better! THANK YOU so much for your help. Let me know if you need us to send the old one back. So far we're sold on Tile Redi! Keep up the great work!

Jim & Liz J.

Thanks for your Great Service!

Joe P.

Your tech team sent me an email with instructions. All is well. Thanks for the help and the quick reply. It's nice to deal with people that want to help.

Jack D.

Doug took care of me last week. I made a mistake with my order and he very rapidly fixed it. He sent the items that I wanted and I got them very fast. I really appreciate his professionalism and excellent customer service.


A quick note of "Thanks and Appreciation" to you and all related personnel at Ready Tile.

In my dealings with Tile Redi to date it has been a Pleasant and Professional experience. The interactions, follow ups, as well as questions and support have been Outstanding.

The company does a great job and doubt that many people let you know.

I have recommended your product and company to several people already.

From a person dealing with customers daily (although a different field; but customer related) I can well appreciate the occational "Job well done"!

Pass this on!

Gary, Milwaukee, WI

Your rock! Thanks again for your help. One last request, please send some of your 80 degree Florida weather to us here in Wisconsin. 59 here but at least it's sunny.


Got new pan today and it looks good. Just wanted to Thank you and your company again for the Prompt and Courteous response. It was a Pleasure dealing with a company with High Standards of Customer Service and Integrity.

As soon as I get this puppy installed and the rest of the room finished I will need to start on the hall bath renovation and you can be assured I will order another shower pan from Tile-Redi.


Dear Catherine and All of the Tile Redi Employees Who Have Guided and Assisted Us,

My husband and I want you to know how pleased we are with your products, service, and advice. We have recommended you and your products to our contractors, friends, and neighbors, who are most impressed, with the final outcome of our handicapped-accessible remolded bathroom. Every time we have contacted you, you have responded in a most timely fashion: a rarity, in today's world.

Gail & Peer

I have been involved with customer service for many years both as a provider and as a customer. Jonathan went above and beyond what I believe any other CSR would have done. You should make this fellow a trainer as to how to handle problematic customers. I really appreciate the time and effort he took to resolve my issue. At the very least you should give this fellow a pay raise/bonus for his positive approach. He is truly a valuable asset to your company. Thank him once again for me for his outstanding service.


Keith is one heck of a sales person and answered my questions perfectly and also made suggestions in your products knowing what I was trying to accomplish so that boy needs a congratulations from the CEO of the company. Besides the return, you have reassured a positive attitude towards your company so hopefully the product is as good as the service you have provided. Thank You

Chris, Papillion, NE

I am writing this to tell you how impressed my wife and I are with your product. We recently used a tile redi shower pan (32-48), niche, and four foot bench to remodel one of the bathrooms in our 134 year old Michigan farm house. The shower looks like a work of art. Your sales staff was very helpful and knowledgeable. Our questions were answered right away. Our bathroom looks like something you'd see in a magazine.

John & Tammy, Constantine, MI

I would like to compliment Tile Redi. We are remodeling some bathrooms and we ordered and received, in a most timely manner, our tileable shower plan. It was so prompt, we were really surprised, great email communication all the way and a wonderful product. Instructions were clear, but we needed some extra assistance. The first time I called I was so happy to hear in the menu choice TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE. I had a situation where I had some excellent workers doing the job, but it appeared as if they were having great difficulty with the instructions in Spanish. I did not want to embarrass them, so I called and asked if anyone could speak Spanish. Tile Redi called me back, a wonderful gentleman helped us out in a gracious manner. Again, I called technical support a few days ago with a question about what would be a good substitute for the floor adhesive as I would be installing a marble curb in two weeks’ time. Again, a prompt and very helpful answer. It’s been a pleasure to do business with your firm and I will certainly recommend you to anyone who asks. Thanks so much for a positive experience.

Jocelyne, Woodbine, MD

Thank you for FANTASTIC customer service!

Please feel free to use the following as a testimonial:

The pleasant experience began with our telephone conversation with Sam, one of their sales / customer service representatives, who was patient, polite, understanding, and competent. The order arrived, and it was correct, except for tiny scratches on one piece of hardware, and one bag of epoxy that appeared to be leaking very, very small amounts of liquid. We called customer service, expecting (the norm these days) someone that would not be helpful, but we were very pleasantly surprised when they offered to correct our order, with virtually no question.

I wish I was still in remodeling professionally, just so I could give TileRedi more business!

Thanks again for AMAZING service.

Don, Bonita Springs, FL

I would like to Thank your staff for providing me with Excellent Service. I live in Canada and was told that I would not be able to receive the product for up to two weeks. After dealing with your company directly I received my Soap Niche the very next day. I am amazed! Thank you again for all of your help.

Steve, Canada

I own my own business and really appreciate good Customer Service, I feel you went above and beyond and hope that Redi Tile is aware of how much of an asset they have in you.


Wow! You're fantastic, thanks for the prompt attention. I will highly recommend your company to others.


Thank you once again for your kind attention and dedication.

I look forward to receiving the shipment and completing my shower installation project with your find product. I will contact you again after it has been received.

Sincerely and with great appreciation,


Thank you very much for your time and efforts to help me resolve my issue. You have shown so much more care for your customers than I have received from Home Depot. It is because of people like yourself that companies like Tile Redi earn a reputation of excellent customer service.

I will arrange to ship the base to the address you provided. Please feel free to contact me after it arrives if we need to confirm anything regarding the replacement base. Once again, I'll mention that I need the 3636C base with ABS drain. (I just don't want to leave anything to chance.)

I have attached a copy of the Home Depot invoice. Please contact me with any questions.

Jeff, Thousand Oaks CA


I wanted to let you know how happy I have been with your product.

At the KBIS show last year in Chicago, I saw your product for the first time. You were displaying your new 42 by 66 inch tile redi shower pan, and it was exactly what I was seeking. I had been looking at acrylic shower pans, but really wanted the luxury look of a fully tiled shower stall. As soon as I saw your product I knew it was exactly want I wanted, and ordered it as soon as I got home from the show.

I am a do it yourselfer, and I was amazed at how easy it was to install. I got the whole shower done in two weekends, including all the tile work. (I work full time, so I only work on weekends.) I had looked at all the other methods that could be used to make a large shower enclosure like this, and I was worried about leakage at the wall to floor junctions, if I didn’t get it done right. You product completely eliminated that fear. Because of the design, the pan can't leak at these junctions.

I combined your product with Traverine on the floors and walls, and TOTO shower fittings to make a dual shower unit. I am attaching a photo of the finished product to show you how beautiful the whole thing turned out. I would not have tackled this myself if it weren't for your product.