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Tile Redi + Tile Coach - Helping the Community

Tile Redi + Tile Coach - Helping the Community

We're thrilled to be part of The Reynoso family's home-rebuilding journey. A big shoutout to Tile Coach for reaching out to us. Our commitment to community projects is unwavering, and we're truly grateful for the chance to lend a hand.

The Paradise Fire of 2018 (Camp Fire) destroyed almost 20,000 homes and businesses. Laury Reynoso was one of those who's home was lost in the fire. They barely escaped the fire with their lives. Traumatized by the events that day, they moved away from the area for a few years before deciding that they missed their home and wanted to build back there. Three years into the build process, with only the insufficient settlement money that PG&E awarded them, they have almost completed the home by themselves and the help of a few friends. They reached out to Tile Coach a few months ago, asking for advice on how to tile their shower. He felt called to help, and contacted her to let her know he would be reaching out to manufacturers to see if anyone could help. TileRedi stepped up big time and donated a custom pan to the project so that I could install it for this video. To see the complete line of TileRedi products available for purchase, go to They are a 

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