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Custom Pan Designer
How to measure:
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Depth is measured from the front of curb/entrance to the outside of the back splash wall.

Width is measured from the outside of the left splash wall (or curb) to the outside of the right splash wall (or curb).


Curb Style

Please Choose:

Single curb  shower pans have a curb (a small step) on the entrance side and three splash walls.

Left & Right Dual curb  shower pans have two curbs, one on the entrance side and a second on a side adjoining the entrance; the other two sides have splash walls. Typically used for corner showers.

Triple curb  shower pans have three curbs, one on the entrance side and a second and third on each of the two sides adjoining the entrance; the fourth side (opposite the entrance) has a splash wall.

Barrier free  shower pans have no curb so the entrance is totally smooth for a roll-in or walk in access.

Neo Angle shower pans have three curbs and utilize the space for corner showers.


Drain Position

Please Choose:
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Position of the drain when you are facing the shower: left, right, center, or back.

Inches (if shown) indicate the distance of the drain from the back splash wall.


Grate Type

Please Choose:

Hardware Finish

Please Choose:

Curb Width

Please Choose:
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Measurement from the front edge of the curb (small step at shower entrance) to the back of edge the curb.

Side curb width is dependent on the entrance curb width. Please check the product specifications for detailed measurements